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General Education

Lego Education, 3D printing, Design & Technology, SAM Labs, Robotics Lab : With the future being all about Robotics and Artificial Intelligence...more

Basic Sciences

PITSCO : Educator and entrepreneur Harvey Dean founded his start-up in 1971 by creating hands-on kits in a garage , PASCO: Data collection and analysis tools of American manufacturer...more

Advanced Specialties

LD DIDACTIC : The LD DIDACTIC Group is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality science and engineering teaching and training systems...more

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Open Category

The Open Category is a project based competition. ...more

Football Category

With WRO Football we introduced a fun and exciting game with teams of two autonomous robots playing football (soccer)....more

Advanced Robotics Challenge

The Advanced Robotics Challenge (ARC) is our newest category. The games are designed to test older and more experienced student’s engineering and programming skills to the limit....more

« Robot competitions in General Education »

First Lego League - FLL

Hydro Dynamics Exploring the location, use, storage and movement of water On your mark, get set, flow!...more

First Lego League Junior - FLLJ

AQUA ADVENTURE - Water and how we use it, Each year, FIRST LEGO League Junior presents a new and exciting Challenge to ignite the creativity of children age 6 to 10.?...more

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